Meet the Staff

Owner-Pam Debandt
Favorite Lines-Cartise, Jude Connally, Eva Varro, Tribal
Hobbies-Gardening, Reading, Cooking, Cycling and Working Out, Entertaining and Travel.
Pets--Mr. Howell, AKA, Howie, A Wheaten Terrier and certified the shop dog!
8 Year Sales Associate-Betsy
The first time I walked into Ginger and Mary Ann Boutique, I loved the environment! Here we are eight years later and I am still glad I offered my assistance the first time I came in the store. I love working at Ginger and Mary Ann not only because of the woman I work for, but also because of our customers.

Favorite Lines-Hatley, Eva Varro
Hobbies-Entertaining, Exercise (especially tennis) Family
Pets-A cat named Yadi
6 Year Sales Associate-Mary
I was coaxed out of retirement to join the staff of Ginger and Mary Ann when my youngest left for college. I love that we carry a variety of apparel lines for clients of all shapes and sizes. We try to help you find something you are comfortable wearing but may have never considered! It's always fun when a customer returns and talks about the compliments they receive when they wear an outfit bought at the shop.

Favorite Lines-Isle, Papillion and Liverpool
Hobbies-Tennis, Gardening and Hiking
3 Year Sales Associate-Susan
Ginger & Mary Ann has been one of my favorite shops since it opened! When I heard they had an opening for a sales associate, I knew I had to work here! The clothes are fun, age appropriate and I always get tons of compliments on my outfits. I have always enjoyed helping family and friends put together that perfect outfit and I look forward to doing the same for you!

Favorite Lines-Jude Connally and Isle
Hobbies-Gardening, Golf, Reading Cooking and Travel
Pets-Ike, a black Miniature Schnauzer
2 Year Sales Associate-Robin

I've been shopping at Ginger & Mary Ann with friends for several years and always enjoyed the fun, upbeat, relaxed atmosphere. And now, after a long career in retail and marketing, I am excited to call Ginger and Mary Ann my new favorite place to both work and shop! I love helping our customers find that perfect item or complete outfit that makes them shine and feel happy about themselves!

Favorite Lines--Tribal, Isle
Hobbies--Travel, decorating, spending time with friends and family, swimming, pet-sitting
Pets--Holly, a blonde Cocker Spaniel

1 Year Sales Associate-Diane

An opportunity to join the team at Ginger & Mary Ann convinced me that it was time to retire from a long corporate career.  I had shopped there and enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere and unique fashions. Ginger & Mary Ann is the perfect place to share my love for fashion with wonderful customers.  I enjoy helping women find the style that highlights their individual tastes and personalities. 

Favorite Lines--Tribal, Renuar, Hatley, Jag
Hobbies--Early morning exercise classes, spending time with friends and family-especially my energetic grandchildren.
Pets--A Shih Tzu named Maddie

1 Year Shop Greeter--Mr. Howell

My friends call me Howie and I've been coming to the shop for a year now.  I love greeting all of the shoppers and can be frequently found sunning myself in front of the door.  I'm still learning the art of not greeting customers by jumping on them! I come to work almost every day but sometimes take Saturdays off so I can misbehave and do dog-like things I'm not allowed to do when I'm at work. 

Favorite Lines--Fromm dog food, Pet Supplies treats
Hobbies--Playing tug, sleeping, following my people everywhere, chasing squirrels and bunnies and taking long walks